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CLASSIFIED RULES / ALL USERS MUST READ / Helpful info & How to not get ripped off!!!

Hello everyone these are the ground rules.

1. Please contact [email protected] if your going to use this forum for mass / business sales!!

2. No profanity or vulgar posts.

3. No spam.

4. No selling your soul or grandma's booger posts.

5. Anyone that rips off another member may be added to the Classifieds Ban list. Will also have their info turned in to help catch these offending sales and persons. See the other sticky for the list.

6. If you have multiple items for sale, you may only post up one thread at a time and list all the items in that thread in consideration for fellow SHO members.

7. We are not responsible for anything that goes on here. Use this forum at your own risk , we are only providing this to you as an option.

If you break these rules, your post will be deleted without warning. Multiple offenses will lead to banning. There are many ways to be traced , dont try ripping people off on the internet.

Non automotive items are WELCOME!

Here are some tips on selling your item.
- Please post up a picture. Everyone wants to see the product you are selling.
- Please be specific as to what you are selling so there is no "accidents".
- Please post up your contact info.
- Please clearly post up a item price and a shipping price if possible.

Check out the VB code help page by clicking HERE!!!
Also please read my "how to" on posting pics BY CLICKING HERE!!!

One more thing. Since it is physically impossible for me to be here all the time, you can help me out. If you see a post that violates one or more of the above rules, please click the "Report this post to a moderator." button on the bottom right of the thread. Posts that violates the above rules the post will be deleted without notice. Multiple violations can lead to banning.

Make sure to get all the persons info your trading from , name , phone number , address , call them and verify things. Have them call you to verify on caller id , check the internet and verify their phone number and address. Ship with verifications and signatures needed , keep an open line of communication. Dont trade/sell something and become unavailable. Dont use or trust yahoo/hotmail/freebie mails. Make sure its there isp email , ask them to email you from and for them to even verify a code sent to them via there email so you know theres is real is well.


** WAYS To Prevent getting ripped off. **

Buy from Official SH Sponsors.
Do not buy from new users.
Do not buy from users with just a few posts.
Do not buy from someone without going back and reading some of there previous sales or feedbacks. Ask for proof of good feedback from the forum.

Get all details , phone number , name & address , confirm it. Call them or have them call you. Get an email from them. Goto and try reverse lookup to see if this person exsists.

Ask for any sort of credentials. Links to an ebay account for feedback. Verify the same email address.

After you buy from a user

Go back to there thread , give a detail of the transaction. If its a Good , neutral or Bad Experience.

This way we can rate people and know if someone was a good buy or not , and if the item has been sold.

If anyone has any suggestions for the Classifieds section, feel free to PM the admins! :D

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How to not get burned in online classifieds.

When selling or buying.

Make sure you get the persons full name. Yes even middle , there are more than one joe johnson. Make sure you verify it as well: name, address and phone number. Make sure that everything is working, phone and such. Try even using to reverse lookup things or type in there name and see if it comes up with that same phone number address.

Have them call you up on your number , and you get their number and call them. Make sure you see their name on the caller id if you have that option. Then possibly later that day or night or the next day call again.

Use verification type shipping services with insurance. This way you know your product got there or if the seller sent it or not. This is really the only way to get your money back....proof.

Keep an open line of communication. Dont try selling or buying something when you know you will be un-available as this looks like your trying to pull something when you dont answer phones anymore or emails.

If anyone else has anything to add , let one of the mods know.
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