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clattering and stalling

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95 integra gsr engine wont hold an idle...also has a lot clattering coming from the engine. over the past month the clattering has been getting louder, it used to get quiter as the car warmed up....but now it clatters all the time. anyway today it started just dying out when you dont keep your foot on the gas....

any ideas??
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adjust the timing perhaps....
Yes, you can check the timing. That's always a good place to start. The timing belt needs to be replaced at about 75k-80k miles, chances are you're right up there or past that in your 95.

Also when's the last time you changed/cleaned the air filter, spark plugs, wires, and fuel filter? You might also want to run a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in your tank.

Sounds like your car is just aching for a tune-up.
we had the oil pump, water pump, timing belt, accessory belts, oil pan gasket, new valve cover, cam seals, and a few other gaskets/seals replaced a month ago...not sure about wires and plugs...that is gonn happen today and also going to see if the valve lash is in spec as well...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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