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13 mm wrench
throttle body cleaner thats safe for sensors (sea foam i use)
q tips
TIme required: 30 minutes
diffuculty: (1-10) 3...
you should clean your throttle body too. since thats apart of the intake system.
why you should do this?
the reason as to why you should do this is simple. over time the air filter lets in particles that builds up. all that stuff gets on the sensors and then kills a little MPG and performance. might as well clean it out...i noticed a increase in throttle response, and smoother engine performance.
1. locate the IAC and remove the 2 gold 13mm bolts...(PIC # 1 & #2)
3. get your throttle body cleaner and put the straw on and spray the screen. (dont spray too much just 2 shots).
4. use the qtip and gently wipe away the black guew....use another one when it gets black.
5. use a flathead screwdriver and gently edge the screen to get the surrounding gunk off.
6. the screen should be pretty silver
7. spray some throttle body cleaner into the holes that go into the IAC...let evaporate for 10 minutes
8. clean the rubber ring with a rag and replace the IAC
9. when u start the car make sure that u revv the car to get the carbon buildup out that the throttle body cleaner took out.
you should notice a differnce in driveability. for a while, push the car to its limit to get carbon out...

if u notice a low idle, u may have taken off the conenctor on the IAC (the black thing).

if ur car idles abnormally, the IAC is still wet...revv revv revv...let idle to dry or turn off and let shouldnt be like that for long.

adjust idle as well. then go ahead and reset ur ecu.

note: you can buy sea foam only in certain places....i got mine at napa i believe, or at tognotties. but any that is safe for throttle bodies and sensors is fine....

u can also spray a little cleaner into the PCV valve....


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I'm going crazy here... I found this DIY with Pics and nicely written up (not that this isn't) but I can't find it now..

If anyone has that thread please link it to this one.
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