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Cleaning up Super Sale

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Clearing out the garage because it’s taking up space and I need the space to work on customer’s cars. Price included is what I’m asking but obo means you can make me an offer. When shipped I will include a conformation number or a tracking number so you can track your shipment so I’m not ripping you off. Everything is inspected and is made sure that everything is in good order before shipping the items to you for sure satisfaction. Here are the things I have come up with so far but please check back to see what I will add during cleaning. This is a first come first serve basis. Thanks guys and I accept payment through paypal, money order, and cash. Just started to clean out so this is what I have so far: Email: [email protected]

1 pair of Wings West side skirts for 98-00 Honda Accord Coupe painted factory Taffetta White (90 shipped obo)

Comptech Sport High flow drop-in airfliter for 98-00 Accord V6 and 99-02 TL 3.2, it’s better than K&N and performs like a short ram but safer with the stock intake (40 shipped obo)

4 new Toyo Prozes rated Z High Performance Low profile Tires size 215/40/17 (300 shipped obo)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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