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clicking noise when under high rpm's

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hey guys well i noticed last nite that when i was getting on the freeway i could hear some type of clicking noise but only when i get close to about 5500 rpm. what could it be plus that and i fried my fuse to my hazards and turn signals! something gone array here help me figure out whats wrong!!:confused:
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I think you probably need valve adjustment.. I've got a clicking noise in my engine too.. and gonna get my valves adjusted this weekend too.. hope it'll fix it :)
yea i get that around 2000 rpm. valve adjustment it is. when you rev ur engine really high often then your valves need more adjustments.

but wait on the freeway??? now is it that loud?? thats very loud..i can barley hear mine unless im outside the car and barley when im it a clicking, or knocking sound?? its werid that u get it that high...put the car in ur garadge and gently press the gas until you hear it and then you can see if its happening at lower rpms as well. im almost positive its a valve adjustment but i have a very very slight doubt
possibly axle shafts/cv joints. Try a search, there are a few threads talking about "clicking noises"
well guys i went on the freeway again and i tried to figure it out, yes indeed i need a valve adjustment, but the clicking noise is only present when under hard acceleration in 3rd gear and then also in 4th. i accelerate normally there is no clicking, but when i hit 3rd the clicking starts to occur around 5500 - 6500!? btw i have a jdm dohc f22b.
if tis a valve problem then the sound would always occur around that certain rpm. its werid..well try a valve adjustment anyways and take it from there.
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