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looks like i'm going to have to close down even though i don't want to, so i'm getting rid of all the stuff i have in the shop including the display cases and racks that i have... here's the list and what i want for it... everything is NEW otherwise stated... you pay what i post up... no tax or shipping yadiyadiyadi....

ALL FRONT BUMPERS $125 (all front bumpers include aluminum grill for bumper)
92-95 civic black widow 2
92-95 civic R33
92-95 civic showoff
99-00 civic cwest
98 + accord octane R34
88-91 crx cwest
94-97 integra cwest
98+ eclipse sinsei/evo
02+ RSX cwest

96-98 civic carbon fiber hood $250
00+ celica carbon fiber hood $200 USED
R32 headlights with harness and corner light $150
R32 taillights $100
180sx center garnish $80
JDM CRX cluster $150 (ELECTRIC, need modification)
92-95 civic 2dr/4dr taillights RED/WHITE $100
47cc pocket bikes no fairings (3) $150 each
96 civic 2dr. plastic type zero side skirts $100

glass display cases (2) 60x36x12 $250 each
racks i use for body kits (3)$50

more to come... this is just off the top of my head...

1030 N. Blackstone Ave.
Fresno, CA 93701
[email protected]
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