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I've got a 2003 Si with around 207k miles on the body, and far less on the engine. As far as I know, the clutch is the original but I haven't been able to verify that yet. If it wasn't, that means someone before me blew it up in less than 150k miles (when I got the car), which I'm inclined to doubt.

This is a little late, but my bill is coming to around $1300 for a full clutch job (not replacing the flywheel). I was expecting them to give me a figure of less than $1k, so I was pretty flustered when I got the actual total.

I know this shop is a little more expensive than some, but I rely on my car so much that sometimes they end up being the best option for both doing good work and not dragging their feet, so it's been worth it to pay a little more but not have to surrender my car for an extended period of time like another shop I used to go to.

Is $1300 a bonkers number, or am I just on the high-end of normal?
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