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clutch gone bad

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ok i just wanted to make a thread since i havent fo such a looonnggg time, but anyways my sol had been sidelined for the past 2 months with a clutch either gone bad or tranny. the transmition shop next door said the its just the clutch and my friends say its the tranny. the problem is that i cant shift gears and if i have the clutch peddel all the way in it still catches. so i took it next door when that happend and they said the master cylinder went out and the put a new one and the put a longer rod so i could get a little more life off of my clutch but when the turned it on it grabbed all hard so there is something in there that is messin things up. so what do you guys think?
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I would take it elsewhere for another opinion. Sounds like the place next door may be jerking your chain.
if you need a new tranny or clutch let me know i have both laying around my garage. email me at [email protected], they came out of my 93 del sol si. (not trying to sell anything, just helping someone out).
well my dad knows this guy who is now at this moment taking the tranny out!! :D and tomorrow the clutch is comin in so everything is on course. but thanks for your guys help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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