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clutch installation

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i was thinking of getting a new clutch for my 94 gsr. How hard is to put in, can you do it from underneath the car or do you have to pull the engine?
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its not that hard. just get 4 jackstands and put it up on the highest setting. get a manual so you know what to do.
If you don't know much about it I wouldn't recommend doing it without someone who knows about this stuff. It isn't that bad, but it needs to be aligned just right.
Its not hard at all and you do not have to pull the motor. if you have a floor jack you can buy a transmission adapter for it and just drop the transmission from under the car. Then you pull your old clutch out spray your fly wheel with brake cleaner inspect the pilot shaft align the new clutch with the alignment tool put everything back together and presto you just installed a new clutch. Okay its much more agrevating then that but its not to bad.
so what...some shops charge that for camshaft install...or a timing belt install..hell...shops quote 10 hrs of labor for a turbo install...thats 600+ it hard??? no..if u have no clue how a clutch works and are good with tools and can do it...just be sure to ask your friends craftsman and HELMS...
Turbo installs are much easier than clutch installs. Even with a helms manual if you want to do it yourself get a friend that knows what he's doing to check your work and help you out. Local speed shop only charged me 150 for a clutch install so I just had them do it for me.
It is that expensive for an install because you need to pay close attention to detail.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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