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clutch q's

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hey, need to get a clutch. looking for recomendations on what to get. in process of getting i/h/e and maybe other mods, not sure though. have a 2k cx hatch. also, in these kits what bearings are included. my dealership said my thrust bearing is going and that while i'm at it, i should replace the clutch. said it would cost like vicinity of $800!!! would it be better to get an aftermarket one or just oem? costs of aftermarket w/ install? any insight is greatly appreciated!
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the stock clutch is more than good enough for what you have on your car. if you plan on getting NOS or turbo, a stage 2 should be just fine.
i got a act 6 puck yes it graps like a mofo but it sux i cant stand driving it in traffic!! if u are gettin an aftermarket get a clutchmaster stage 3!!
cost me 250 fo the clutch and 300 fo my cm aluminum flywheel!! if u cant install it urslef usually cost around 2-400 to install!!!
thanks for the input guys. i was thinking, if i go aftermarket, to go w/ act. i heard that they are pretty good. my main gripe though is tht dealer said my thrust bearing is worn and that it needs to be replaced. said i should do clutch too since little worn and its would be better to do both at same time as opposed to doing bearing now and clutch later. curious if i get some mods (light, just looking for some pep and on budget. possible engine swap in about a year) if relpacing the clutch would be better over stock or if i should just stick w/ stock for now. please let me know some ideas. tahnks!
Well you have a weak motor and if you are planning to swap later, I think you should get a cheap clutch. Save that money for a motor. But if you are going to go Cx motor all the way, then way not. Hope that helps.
the CM clutches are great, i'm currently using the stage 3 myself.

but i don't really see the point of getting an upgraded clutch for a CX motor with I/H/E etc. running F/I on it would be worthless unless you had a swap ready and didn't care about the little CX motor.

what's f/i? sorry, still learning.
balltongue said:
what's f/i? sorry, still learning.
Forced Induction...don't worry bout it, everyone has to learn sometime :)
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