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VtecSol said:
could be, but i doubt it. It just started and i've had this car for over a year so A) I'm used to the clutch which happend like 10mins after drving it the first time and B) it should have happened earlier if it was right?...hmmm...any other opinions? Thanks
your gas level shouldn't have any bearing on the operation of your clutch. when was the last time your fuel filter was changed? maybe your sucking debris/rust/sludge through your fuel lines when the gas level is low and this causes the engine to bog from lack of fuel....


this is probably a long shot, but, i used to have an old Corolla GT-S. it started doing this exact same jerking thing as you describe. i changed the clutch but it continued to happen. come to find out, i had a rather large crack in the air intake hose after the MAP sensor and before the throttle body. once i replaced that part, it drove like a dream.....
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