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I am having some trouble with my 93 civic dx 1.5L. It is making a strange noise like a water pump is going bad, but I replaced it and the timing belt about 3 months ago. The sound is on the distributor side of the engine. I am getting a code 9 with the check engine soon light, and my book told me the sensor to check, but before I drop the money for a new distributor, I was wondering if anyone had a clue as to what may be causing this problem and causing the engine to throw this code. Can the sensor in the distrubutor (which checked out ok with the ohmmeter) be what is causing this sound? Or is there something else wrong, and that is the only code it can throw to let me know something is not right? I will get a different distributor, or replace the sensor if that can be done, i just need to know where to go next, and what to check. Aside from the sound it is making, occasionally, the engine is running fine. Thanks for any help.
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