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Coilovers or Springs ???

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I have an Acura Integra LS SI and I want to lower my car. But I do not know the difference between either. I know springs lower your car and they are also cheaper to get than coilovers. But is it worth going the extra hundred bucks to get the full coilover suspension. What should I do buy coilovers or just lowering springs???:confused:
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I'm assuming that you're talking about coilovers like skunk2s and ground controls? Or are you talking about REAL coilovers that run close to $1000? Personally I like springs, because after having both, springs aren't as bumpy, and are cheaper. But they aren't adjustable, so you're pretty much set with what you got. i've been using Eibach Pro-kits and they are good. My friend has coilovers, but he also has koni yellow shocks so its not bad of a ride. Its pretty much up to you on if you want to have it able to adjust or not.
A good suspension can help you out on the track too....don't skip out on the suspension too much.
Springs will usually be a smoother ride, but if you plan to get shocks and things like that then it wouldn't matter if you got either. Also my friend has coilovers on his car, and some sand or rust, something made the coilovers so that they wouldn't adjust. He was telling me that he needed to clean his coilvers ever so often to keep them from getting broken or whatever. Also coilovers are ideal for show if you want to lower your car and make it look great, and if you live in an area where you get snow often, they can be great to higher your car so that you won't have to worry about being a snowplow during the winter months. Springs may not be adjustable, but they work great for anyone, as long as you don't get anything cheap, stay with good companies, it's much more worth it. Also if you plan to lower it more then 2 inches get a camber kit. Lastly, whats your ideal setup anyways? What kind of "coilovers" or springs you planning to get?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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