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Hey all,

I have VIS Racing Coilovers on right now w/ Tokico Struts and it is BUMPY as hell!!! Well I decided to switch to Intrax but when I had my Mazda Mx-3 and I had the same setup, Tokico/Intrax it was also bumpy. What is the setup I should do w/ the bump stops too? I currently don't have any on. I think that is what could be causing all the problems with the poor ride quality. Should I cut them? If so how much? Will they even make a difference when I put the new springs on? What the hell are they even for?????

Sorry about all the questions... Thanks!!!!

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It's because you've got performance suspension dude... if you want a softer ride go with lowering springs and an adjustable shock. I always get a good laugh when folks brag about their new suspension but complain about how bumpy the ride is. Not that you were braging Corey, I'm just saying.
what spring rates are you using? I have the vis racing spec2 coilovers with 375lbs front and 275lbs rear and even with shitty stock shock my ride aint bumpy.

I was using KYB AGX shocks but blew them on a speedbump , today I´m gonna install KYB VG2 gas adjusts so I´ll let you know how it handles tomorrow
I say cut your springs.. that is the best way to drop; your ride.. lol.... j/p ;)
It's not that I want a lowered ride I want better performance. I have riden in several cars that have aftermarket suspension and none of them have felt as shitty as mine. My one friend has a Corrado w/ Eibach and Tokico setup and it rides fine. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. Anyone got any answers to my Bumpstop question??? I'm just trying to do what's best for the Sol. I don't care 'bout lookin' good or showing off (although it's really really fun sometimes) I just want to have a good ride. Oh yeah and I ment cut the bumpstops not the springs. :)

go with eibach sportlines and koni yellows.

PERFECT fitment and quality. very good ride quality.
My tanabe sustec pro s-s is bumpy as friggin hell. I love it though, doesn't bother me. But the girls however...:rolleyes:
BTW Gold, where could I find a Prelude Supersport, I've been looking everywhere for one. ;)
i believe you mean a prelude ss? sport shift whoady. my bro has one. very nice man, but i the last time we raced, it was damn close man. i was double clutchin and everything and i won by like 1/2 a car. my motor is all stock. he is sport shift w/ aem cai when we raced. before the intake, i could beat him by 1 and 1/2 car lengths. now he also has a greddy evo exhaust man and that made a HUGE difference in mid to high rpms. i wont race him anymore. :D

if you really want one, they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find used man. he paid 18k for his w/ 50k miles. dam the owner had it garaged all the time and took mad care of it man. all the tune ups on time and early oil changes. also came w/ the supreme sound system, spoiler, and a nose mask. that car was flawless man. actually, the way we found that one is because he was a private seller. he owns a bearing and nut shop by powerhouse gym, and my best friend w/ the gst saw it and told my bro. man, the car hauled so much ass that the auto didnt even matter anymore. now he even has a ww rs kit on it man. so sweet dood. one of these days man, when i get my car, i ll go eat at flix and ill catch you there. you can drive me car and chek it out mang. peace out man. if you need any more questions about the ss lude, i can drive it over to you one day. take care, brian
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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