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anyone happen to know the color code for a teal/turquoise 94 integra gsr any info or links would help thanks!

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Integra colorcodes found in the Integra sticky-Rufus

Code Color
B-74P Adriatic Blue Pearl
B-90P Supersonic Blue Pearl
G-82P Cypress Green Pearl
NH-0 Championship White
NH-583M Vouge Silver Metallic
NH-538M New Vouge Silver Metallic
NH-592P Flamenco Black Pearl
NH-592P (CAN) Starlight Black Pearl
NH-597M Citrus Silver Metallic
R-505p Cyan Red Pearl
R-81 Milano Red
B-97M Voltage Blue Metallic Clearcoat
G-95P Clover Green Pearl Clearcoat
BG-33P Paradise Blue-green Pearl
G-71P Isle Green Pearl
NH-503P Granada Black Pearl Pearl
YR-506M Desert Mist Metallic
RP-24P Stealth Grey Pearl
NH-538 Frost White
R-72P Torino Red Pearl
R-93P Matador Red Pearl
NH-575M Thunder Gray Metallic
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