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Hello everybody....i live in columbia maryland howard county in particular and my car crew holds meets every 2nd and 4th friday at the Coumbia krispy kreme off of snowden river parkway at 10:10pm

if u need more info check our Car Crew Website!!!
. on this site u will find videos edited by me and some from other sites....forums and links. The videos i have edited include the TECKADEMICS imstar event and Import Circuirt Baltimore

Join forums if u want to be updated with everything. But the meet info is also in the announcements section on the main page.

some of our cars include:
Nissan 350z
Nissan nx2000
Nissan 300zx
Nissan 240sx s13
4 door bomex integra
TT 1993 toyota supra
rousch stage 1 mustang
eagle talon
mercury cougar

contact nathan my friend
at [email protected] if interested, if u wanna rsvp, or just wanna say hello

we are all seniors in high school but are trying to start a automotive movement, which includes a younger generation around 17-mid 20s yrs of age, around our area which doesn't seem to have as many meets as rockville or other MD areas....

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Nice group you have there it's nice to see dedicated tuners in the MD area. I was at the bmore show and I was showing my car there with a few members from my crew bwimports. We have weekly meets in the Rockville area in Montgomery County. It would be sweet both crews could hook up and have a huge meet... Visit our site I really like your site great job.
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