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Common Problem: EGR systems on 4th Gens

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HELP: EGR system on 4th Gen

I keep getting a MIL code 12 - saying something wrong with my EGR valve. I have tried fixing this problem by replacing the part but after a week later it came back on. I have also talked to a Honda dealer and offered me a fix for $700 but they cannot guarantee that the problem may get fixed as the car is an import, not a Australian delivery. (I believe that this is just a Honda excuse though :mad: )

Anyway, I was doing some investigation on it and apparently there is a way of blocking the EGR. It's basically a plate that sits inbetween the EGR valve. I'm not entirely sure how safe it is and if this will stop the ECU from throwing me the error codes.

If anyone has any info on the EGR plate, or any way of stopping the ECU from throwing the error code, then I'd be much appreciated and so will others who may have the same problem.

Cheers ;)
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i had that happen to me about 3 months ago, i was flashing code 12 so i bought a new EGR valve for $100 and the light came back on a few days later. I took to my hockey coach who is a mechanic for a honda dealer. He was confised at first but then he remembered a way to test to see if the EGR system is working. What you do is you turn you car on, let it warm up for a couple of minutes then i cant remember if you unplug the sensor on the EGR valve of not. first try it with the sensor pluged in. Then on the driver side of the engine bay under the shock tower just above the power steering reservoir there will be some rubber tubes, one of them says 16 and one of them say 24. disconnect the one that says 16 and you should feel air getting sucked in from it, clog it with your finger and the car should stall. If nothing happens unplug the EGR sensor then clog the hose again and the car should stall. If nothing happens again then there is something wrong with your EGR system and i dont hve any clue how to fix that.

When he did that test on my car, it stalled so the EGR system was fine, but what the reason was that one of the hoses on the right side if the fule injector (there are two of them) the one on the bottom was disconnected. So i put the hose back in and the light never came back on again. So what i'm saying is that check all of you vacuum hoses to see if any are disconected.
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I've had my EGR disconnected for almost 2 years now, no problems. They actually make a plate that covers the manifold hole if you want to remove it, it's a pretty common mod...
isn't it throw any code? or is it illegal to do that??? i mean emission test
Thanks for the reply guys. I'll definitely try and look into it. I've had the problem for over 3 years now and I think its about time I fix it :D

Anyone else that want to share their ideas is most welcome - thanks in advance too.
I had this problem once but it turned out being a loose wire @ the ECU
when i was throwing the code for the EGR system i had to fix it immediately because i was due for smog. So finally when i got the check engine light off i was able to get the car smogged. When i went in they didn't test for the EGR system. On the sheet of paper that i got at the end with all the tests and results they did it said: "EGR System: Not Applicable" and i live in San Diego, CA where it is a bitch to smog cars.
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