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Components for 98 Civic EX?

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I am looking at getting components for my Civic. I need to know what some good sets are. I would like my tweeters to fit in the factory tweeter slots... do they exist and what are some good brands??? thanks
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you are going to get a thousand different answers to this question. To help everyone out, post what you have in the rest of the system, what are you going to power them with, and most importantly, what's your budget...
hehe thanks

ok all I have is a MTX 10" being powered by a decent MTX amp and a 4 volt kenwood Excelon headunit. I would like to stay in that price range... spending about $200.00 on the components, and another 200.00 or so on a amp maybe a 50x2 or sumptin like that.... suggestions welcome.... I am trying to buy and exhaust too so I just need a clean sound to match my sub. I also heard that 6x9's arnt' needed in a 2dr. If this is the case I won't get them
I also heard that 6x9's arnt' needed in a 2dr.
Correct you are.
As far as what to buy, like Rob said, you will get a million answers as to what components to buy. Personally, I don't have much experience with comp sets in the $200 range. BUT, CDT makes their Cambria series component set, more specifically the CA-50 which is a 5.25 and .75 inch tweet that will fit your locations. This is porobably one of the better choices for that price range. They really make excellent components. As far as the amp goes, and Rob will agree, check out the Arc Audio 2050 cxl. Very nice amp and can be had somewhere in the $200 dollar range. Does 50x2 into 4 ohms, and 115x2 into 2 ohms, but in actuality the ratings are probably a bit low for the 4 ohm output.
The $200 range is a tough price point indeed. I would really give DEI a serious look. They may be a bit large for the doors though as I think they are oversized components.

Even the a/d/s/ 2 series won't fit in the doors with out mods. Maybe you can find some of the OZ audio comps to fit. Ampman audio is an authorized on-line dealer.

As far as Arc is concerned, I think that they are the cream of the crop right now. Up there with PG ti series, and amps like Zapco, and Xtant. I'll be using them for my new system without a doubt.
I've had two different sets of components in that price range. I had the polk audio ex2 components, and now i have the infinity reference coponents. I really like the infinitys, i'm sending them 250 watts to each side right now, and they sound really clean, with a good amount of midbass.
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