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Compression Question

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I just installed Civic Type-R pistons in my 2000 ITR. I just want to know what is my current compression ratio. I Heard it may be 11:6.1 or 12:0. Which is correct.
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Its close to 12:1. In a GS-R block, they make about 12.6:1.
Dam, that CR is high. Rick what else needs to be done for CTR pistons to be installed in the b18C5 motor?

So you are saying my compression may be around 12:1. Right now I'm running five gallons of 116 octane and five gallons of 93. While running 93 octane I may have to retard my timing a little.
Tuning is going to be key to run that high compression, or run hotter cams.

You can swap the CTR pistons right in the B18C block. To put them into a B16 block, you have to shave the rods a little.

Right now I am running the Jun Stage III Cams and spings with three angle stainless steel valves. Im waiting to dyno the car until I break-in my engine. So far the low end torque is bad ass. I can already feel the difference I don't know if its the reprogrammed OBDI P-28 mugen ecu or the compression. I will keep everyone informed on the dyno results................
Just don't get too aggressive at first, that would suck to run a little too hot and detonate...don't want to waste a motor becuase of being careless. Just keep your ignition retarded until you can really get it dynoed.
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