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Ok first of all we all know that Comptech makes some of THE best stuff money can buy. Their headers are particularly beautiful pieces. Well recently they released a universal muffler which is a godsend for us gen 2 guys as Comptech makes very little for the 90-93 integra. well as of 3pm today i have it mounted. the muffler is beautiful as i would expect from Comptech. Laser cut insignias are on both top and bottom, decently sized ovalular shape, and 2.5" inlet and 2.5" - 2.25" outlet(can be cut for a 2.5" outlet as I did), and of course stainless steel construction. Well in order to save money and after much deliberation I decided to go with a custom piping setup.

now i did a TON of research on exhaust designs and found that most exhausts are mandrel bent and 60mm in diameter(2 3/8th inch). however a 2.5" crush bent exhaust although slightly "stepped" is still more than that. so i went with that. now i know what ur all thinkin . . . kinda big. well the obx header as i revied in the header section is 2.5". i retained my stock cat(relax it was on purpose) and resonator(the ends were cut off so its a straight through no bottlenecking) and had the pipe made. the guy who did it was amazing. he crush bent the pipe as absolutely little as possible, test fit the pieces at least a dozen times to ensure a snug fit. he even made the pipe sections "slip fit" then welded them to ensure that it would be as smooth an exhaust inside as possible. the system fits and sits like a stock one. i had the outlet be a 2.5" and jsut a straight pipe out the back, no tip. it looks really nice. he used a nice silver paint and sprayed generously over his welds(which he checked 3 times to make sure there were no leaks by using soapy water and blowin air through it to see if bubbles came out) and the tip itself so it wouldnt look raw.

well i have to say it sounds amazing. no longer pissed off bumblebees but now like really BIG Hell Hornets at full throttle. The note is DEEP and throaty down low and the VTEC is more pronounced than my old hayame muffler(which im gonna miss hehe). the midrange power has definately returned and the pull from 4000 rpm is glorious. It definately has made power theres no question about that at all. overall normal driving the comptech piece is relatively quiet and not obnoxious, but its downright menacing when im pushing it. it lurches off the line with pronounced authority(i should be a writer) and chirps tires in 3rd gear(crappy bf goodriches prolly wont chirp with nice tires ill get in the summer) asserting its newfound,and long awaited power. the breathing system is virtually complete. next . . . the aebs intake manifold.

if anyone wants a custom exhaust in kansas or missouri go to Otto Service and ask for Wade. Gimme a pm and ill gve u a 15$ off coupon. He is a fantastic welder and takes his work seriosuly and with pride. Later fellas.

M. :D
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