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Condensation in headlight

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I know that this caused by a leak and plan on just applying more sealent to the top of the headlight but my question is:

should I do anything to the light before I add the sealant such as let them dry out, take them back apart or whateve? Thanks
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I know this is true for watches, and since the headlamp is semi-sealed, it may also apply as well.

Reassemble your headlamp on a dry day. In the winter (inside the house), or during a dry summer day. do not do it early in the morning when there's fog/dew etc. Main point is that so as long as the humidity inside the headlamp is lower than it's environment, it won't fog up.

Also there is a drip nozzle on most lighting fixtures (I can't remember about the 6th gen since It's been so long ago that I did this mod), make sure that it's turned down, and that there isn't any crap in the tube.

Oh yeah, and avoid breathing heavily inside the lamp fixture when reassembling, that'll increase humidity as well. So as long as you either breath to the side or keep your head like 2 feet away, it'll be fine.

As stupid as they may sound, these are only precautionary methods which I take in general, when taking things in apart that are sensitive to moisture.

Hanki .
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