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Connecting speakers?

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Hey guys have a really simple question, but cant figure it out...

When connecting 2 DVC subs together to get a 2ohm load, you connect all the positives together and all the negatives together...

Now does that mean that i run two cables from the back of the positive termina-l on the enclose to a positive post on one of the DVC, and the other cable to the other positive post on the other DVC. Then do i connect the two positive posts on each VC to each other

Yea i know.. dumb question.....
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You mention (2) DVC subs but you didn't mention how many ohms for each voice coil. Are they D2, D3, D4, D6, D8?

Im trying to get roughly a 2ohm load... I think the actual math worked out to 1.66 ohms.

I just want to know if you have to run double wiring from the terminals on the enclosures that connect to the amp, to the each terminal on the Sub.

if each sub dual 4ohm, then you'll get 1ohm when you wire them in parallel. if you have dual 2ohm wired in parallel, you'll get .5ohm. if you have dual 8ohm wired in parallel, then you'll have a load of 2ohm.
So, you still haven't told us whether the subs are dual 2-ohm, dual 4-ohm, dual 6-ohm, or dual 8-ohm. You can get a net 2-ohm load if you have (2) dual 2-ohm or (2) dual 8-ohm.

My subs are Dual 4 ohm Subs.....
With (2) dual 4-ohm subs, and without using any modified-transformer set-up, you are only going to be able to configure a 1-ohm, 4-ohm, or 16-ohm load. You could, theoretically, configure a 1.6-ohm or a 10-ohm load (unadviseable as one sub would be louder than the other).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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