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Coolant fill up...

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Few months back when my car was in repair for about 2 months my coolant level dropped and was replaced with plain water, now the coolant level drops from time to time and it just looks like plain water so i was thinking of replacing the whole tank of coolant, but most coolant advise to add 3 parts water to 1 part coolant but the other day at a Honda service centre i was told we were suppose to put pure coolant to the max, so which is better? and what would be the proper steps to do it? please advise.. thanks!
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One person will say this, another person will say that, but only the manual will say it right. 50/50 is where it's at. The manual is there for a reason.
Yeah you should probably do a full refill. Just by some liquid teflon because the drain plug seals up better when you use liquid teflon with it. Basically, you fill up the radiator, turn on the engine for 15 or so seconds. Top off the engine. Let the engine come to temperature, fill top it off again, close it up and fill up the resevoir tank again. But read the manual.
Do a complete flush with some radiator cleaner (easy to do) and then 50/50 mixture. - For a honda 50/50 is ideal - and put in some Redline Water Wetter. I use to use to in my 5.0L Mustang and its sweet (I dont know if a civic would benefit from it though cuz it doesnt run that hot)
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