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i have these all-season tires in 185/65/14 in the front, and i *believe 185/75/14 in the rear to fill up the wheel well some (i'll have to look at the backs later, its storming right now, and i can't exactly remember the size). oem rims. just like any all season tire, they chunk if you burn out, so watch yourself .although, the first set i had, i didn't know this, and did some pretty amazing burnout sessions. which, with the fender and hood vents, looked pretty spectacular on video :p .

anyhow, these wear pretty good, but i haven't got anywhere near the mileage they claim them to be good for (for obvious reasons stated above, i'm pretty heavy on the foot most of the time). when the treadlife is still moderate-good->excellent, wet/dry/snow traction is awesome. the ride quality isn't the greatest, but better than any other tire ive tried (bf goodrich, dunlop, wal*mart brand [general i think]).

these tires perform very well on off- and on-ramp situations (cloverleaf interchanges), and inspire a modest amount of confidence.

when tread life is low, expect alot of hydroplaning in wet weather, and probably zero - no traction in snow. i would not trust these tires with low tread in anything but dry weather. i'm going to try out some falken ziex 512's before the weekend comes (should have them tomorrow, possibly put on tomorrow). i will let you know how the 2 compare.

i liked the coopers enough to buy 8 tires, they are good tires at a decent price (i think i paid <$200 for 4 tires mounted & balanced). the treadwear for me was less than impressive, but no tire has ever impressed me as far as that goes..
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