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Could a tech drop some major cam knowledge?(Sticky?)

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I would just like some overall info on the effects of installing higher performance cams, into a GSR, specifically. All the positives and negs. How does it affect compression? What does it do to your idle? Do they affect gas mileage/emmisions? What else should be upgraded along with them, besides valve spring and retainers of course. I'm not interested in increasing my redline. No FI. This is a daily driver, no auto x-ing. I mean, if simply replacing the cams/springs/retainers is all it takes for 20-30 horses, why doesn't Honda just put in "X" cams from the factory? It can't be that simple, is it? What is everything I need to know for a safe, reliable cam upgrade?
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Cams do not simply drop in for 20-30 hp. It's all about tuning. You should get an ecu that is tuned for those specific cams. Now you are letting in more air, therefore you will need more fuel to ignite that air. Also vtec crossover point will usually have to be changed to take full advantage of the cams vtec lobes. Cams will effect your gas milage and most likely affect idle. this depends on duration and lift. Compression will not be affected. and if you want even more benefit get high compression pistons.
I have a 95 GSR, OBD I is reprogrammable, right? Will a Hondata do the trick? Will the stock injectors be able to deliver the extra fuel needed? I'm talking about for a resonable increase in cam profile, Typr R cams for example, or slightly more aggresive. Like I said, something safe and reliable for a daily driver. "Cams will effect your gas milage and most likely affect idle. " Okay, how? What will happen to each and why? How high of compression can you go on 93 octane, with stock redline?
hondata will definitly do the trick. yes the stock injectors will be able to deliver the needed fuel. the mpg will be decreased doue to the more fuel needed to ignite the air. the car will lobe at idle with more aggressive aftermarket cams. the type-r cams will idle just fine. you can go as high as 11.5:1 - 12:1 with pump gas. 12:1 would be pushing it and would perhaps rewuire the use of a water injection kit such as the Jackson Racing to prevent detonation.
The car will lobe at idle with more aggresive cams? what is that? If you meant to type lob, as in an up and down idle, what range would it be in approximatley? Can anyone supply some dyno charts for some Type R/aftermarket cams vs. stock in an OBD I 3rd gen. GSR, preferably?
BTW my current mods are AEM CAI (changing to Comptech Ice Box, quieter) and Apexi WS.
There is no one here to make anything sticky anyway.
First post and I don't think it will be short. First you must look at duration and lift. Duration is how long the valve will be open and lift is how open it will be. When Honda makes cars they make them reliable and to please the majority of the market which, sorry to say, doesn't care for the extra power, decrease in mpg and other "problems"associated with cams. Why else were the gobs of LS Integras, less GSRs and only 2000 Type R's? On to the technical... The reason you get worse mileage (with new cams) is due to the fact that your cams will be open longer and higher which equates to more gas going in your engine. So Honda finds a nice balance on GSRs between performance and daily driver. As far as idle that has to do with lift mostly some duration. Your small lobes (low rpms) have a relatively small lift and duration to help improve fuel economy in daily driving. When you add a totally different characteristic to the low rpms you'll feel it because they are moving slower (hard to explain). Imagine an egg rolling oblongwise under your hand. At low speeds you can feel the exaggerated shape of the egg lumping under your hand. But if the you were cruising with that egg really fast it would be less noticeable, almost as if it were becoming a sphere shape. As far as aftermarket cams it's all about where you want to go with your car. Most have stock idle duration and lift and only worry about modding the actual VTEC. That's the way to do it for a daily car. You'll pass (hopefully) emissions & won't have to keep your foot on the gas at stoplights to keep your car idling so rough (ie. speed up that egg a little).
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hey swirly, what song did you get that quote from? Rakim is in the top 5 all time in my opinion, but i dont remember that rhyme....
Thanks for the post SavedSol, good info (you too, DragLab:) ). Now does anyone know some websites I can check out to decide which cams to buy? Which brands of cams only modify the VTEC lobes and such. Yo jdmsijdm, It's on the Don't Sweat the Technique album, I'll let you find it from there...:D Is Rakim the iish or what...?
Send me an email. I have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the most popular cam specs: Spoon, Jun, Toda, Honda, Skunk2, Crower... I can send you. I'll try to get it online soon.
I've checked out a few cam sites, I just need someone to explain the cam statistics to me, or show me a website that will. I understand the definition of duration and lift, but the numbers themselves throw me off. Is lift measured in millimeters? How is duration measured?
Lift is measured in mm or inches, depending on where they are coming from. What you have to look at is what your stock cams have lift/dur wise to make a better assesment.
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