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coupe bumper on sedan?

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hey...i luv the look of the front bumper on the 01-02 coupes

does anyone know if they can fit the 01-02 sedans??

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sorry not a clue
on the other hand why go stock again ...if you are willing to pay for a stock bumper might as well get something cool ...extreme looking

yet the 01-02 coupe bumper is sooo seducing :D

maybe a xenon kit...but those air damns on that bumper just look too good
Yes it will fit, but you also have to swap the hood as well or else you'll have gaps.
What do you mean by space between hood and headlights?
Where is the gap going to be? above headlights???
I like the "type R" grill on the coupe cord.

Cause i was looking at the BW I Body kit for Accord sedan...

I like the coupe BW kit better than ones on the sedan.

They are look almost same but I think coupe one is little longer

(which means goes down more) than sedan.

Is it right??
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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