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cr-v stands for. . .

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do you guys know what CR-V stands for? someone told me it was civic rally vehicle, but i'm kinda :rolleyes: about it... then my friend K looked it up and found somewhere where it said it stood for Compact Recreational Vehicle... i know CR-X is civic renaissance experimental, but i'm still trying to figure out CR-V.... can any of you cr-v owners and knowledables help me out?
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how about: Civic Raised Vehicle or Civic Recreational Vehicle. My friend and I kinda just made those up.
okay i found a british site exposing the 2002 crv... they say it stands for compact recreational vehicle... although in japan the CR stands for Comfortable Runabout
According to the title on my girlfriends car it stands for CARRYALL VEHICLE.
Yeah...that said it all...Comfortable Runable Vehicle; however, I like the analogy: Child Ready Vehicle

Ive been calling them Civic Recreational Vehicles for maybe 5 or 6 years now
Who cares??? What does RSX,NSX,TSX stand for? ohh wait, who cares. :p
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