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Hey there- a friend of mine has a 1996 Civic DX. We were changing the oil on his car the other day, and I was showing him a couple of things on his engine. I took off the cover for the exhaust manifold and the manifold was cracked. The crack is about 2 inches long and starts from the O2 sensor and goes around toward the middle.
Could this be hurting the performance of his car? It runs perfectly, just sputters a little while accelerating. Do you think he should have it repaired or just go buy a header?
I got my header set-up for my DX through the local Tuner for $350. He could buy a OEM Exhaust Manifold for like $800-900 (?). I don't know how much it would be to have it welded, the threads for the O2 Sensor would have to be rethreaded. Another friend of mine had an Eclipse GSX with a cracked exhaust manifold and he fixed it using this super high temp coldweld stuff.
Any advice would be nice.
Also, is it dangerous to drive it how it is? I just told him not to tach it past 3.5k till he got it fixed. I heard cracked exhaust manifolds=burnt valves.

Thanks guys

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