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Cruising speed RPM's

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Hi guys. I'm sure this has probably been covered somewhere before, but I couldn't even figure out what search terms to use for it.

Anyways, I picked up a used AP1 last week from a private dealer. Had a Carfax on it and everything. The car looked unmodified other than an aftermarket stereo system and a fugly shift knob.

After already buying the car, I was thumbing through the owner's manual, and noticed that one of the three previous owners actually kept a log of maintenance performed in the owner's manual (WOW!). One of the entries stated "Mobil 1 Engine, Honda MTF, Mobil 1 Diff, AEM". Umm...AEM what? The air box is stock with a K&N Filter...

Besides that, something has struck me odd as of late. Stock gearing on the AP1, I thought is suppose to be able to go up to 160 MPH at 9000 RPM in sixtt gear if the speed limiter was removed. Anyways, I noticed that 75 MPH, I'm at 4500 RPM and at 80 MPH, I'm at 5000 RPM. I also noticed that in third gear red line, I'm doing 80 MPH.

What I'm trying to figure out, is if the FD has been changed or not without opening up the tranny or diff.

Thanks for your help guys.
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dude, you should not be redlining at 80 in third gear, definitely not. i had a six speed in my svt focus and could still down shift into third at 80. my redline for 2nd gear in that thing was almost 70mph
I have a shorter FD.
I've got a stock trans/diff '03. Gear changes close to or at redline for first and second
1: 42 mph
2: 63 mph
Never bothered to look at where I redline in 3rd. Usually watching the road more at this point.

Cruise at 70 mph @ 4,200 rpm.

So yeah, you sound about right.
S2000s have VERY short gearing to help with the torque disparity.
I found out because when I took the car to my friend's shop for fluid changes and for him to give it the once over, he noticed that the differential bolts were not OE and he also showed me a tranny ratio calculator. Looks like it has a 4.44 FD.
Ya, stock is 4.1. I definitely don't have stock.
I hope it's not your road tripping car! Around town rear gears are great though. That allows for a great multiplication of torque.
Yeah, you do have a shorter FD. Some guys did this. This also means be careful, cause he may have driven the car very hard. I'd check the valve spring retainers for signs of mechanical over rev. If you don't know how I'll give you a link.

Redline in 6th would be at 164 according to the tach and speedo. Also, there is no speed limiter on the car.
Hah hah. I didn't notice! I guess I just figured that since there were only a couple dozen threads it must be new.
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