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I have a new to me 2001 Honda CRV 4 cylinder engine with a AWD automatic transmission. It has about 125,000 miles on it and has all maintenance (timing belt, waterpump,spark plugs, radiator, transmission drain and fill with Honda fluid and so on) done this past year.
I’ve noticed when I’m on the highway as I begin to speed up past 60mph the Rpms start to hang around 4000-5000rpms until I hit 75-80mph then they drop back down to 2800-3000rpms. Another issue is when I try to get to that 75mph from 60mphs there’s almost no easing it into that speed. When I slowly inch down on the gas pedal there’s no response until I hit a certain point then my Rpms jump up and my car sounds like I’m flooring the gas pedal. I’ve also noticed the car shifts when I let go of the gas pedal at higher speeds. Also when going up hill it feels so slow but maybe that’s normal or this type of car. There’s no issues when I’m not on the highway. Street driving/straight roads is a breeze and rpms are around 1500-2500 when cruising 25-40mph on the streets.
My mechanic noticed the high rpms when driving it around when they replaced the brakes and struts. They said it might be a transmission issue and quoted me between $1100-1500 for a used transmission or a rebuilt transmission there’s no check engine light or codes to read. My question is do you think this a transmission issue ? Or maybe something else like a throttle issue or solenoid ?
Thanks !
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