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My 88 crx got rearended 7-5-06, so im takin all aftermarket parts off, going stock and selling the car after it is fixed.

the only way im going to get money from the person who hit me is to sell the rear bumper he has to buy.

boxer fiberglass rear bumper. never painted or installed. he paid 300. asking 300. hasnt arrived yet.

urethane blitz front bumper, only like 6 months old. not painted, flame mesh grille. paid 330, asking 250, but will take best offer.

fiberglass passenger side mugen style side skirt, good condition for being fiberglass. driverside is broken off from fender to 1/3 of door. can be fixed if experienced. painted black. offer

aftermarket tail lights. 3 piece. clear lense, chrome back, red light circles. reverse lights in center piece. tiny crack by hatch handle. peid 130, asking 75.00

APC cold air intake has battery acid corrosion. offer.

i can email pics if needed, and please keep in mind, all prices are negotible.

thanks for looking.
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