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My friend has a 91 Honda CRX HF. He has a JDM B16A in it with HASPort mounts. He is using 90-93 Acura INtegra axles. The B16A was out of the JDM INtegra. His transmission keeps on breaking. The differential seems to break. He is on his SECOND transmission. What could be wrong?
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does he fill teh tranny with honda manuel tranny fluid? did he remove the dust seal and spacer? wut kinda clutch?
We used Redline 5W30 MTL. Stock clutch. Yes the dust seal was removed on the axles. What spacer are you talking about? This is my first CRX/B16 swap. Used to doing H22 swaps.
wut kinda clutch is he using he shouldnt be breaking the diff relly ive only seen that once with a lsd steup. u really should use the honda mtf its better than oil
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did he have the old tranny rebuilt or did he just buy a "new" one becouse you never know how those were treated before you go to it!!
First tranny came with the JDM B16A. WHen that one blew up he got a free one because the motor came with a warranty. he is about to get another tranny so we'll take off those seals and see how long this one will last.
Is he running slicks and dumping it above 7,000?:D That shouldn't really be a problem, you should be busting up axles before you break a diff. Make sure you take off all of the spacers, and also confirm that they are the proper axles.
If the diff is breaking I really doubt that the Axles have anything to do with it, but if anything go to a axle shop and have them built a custom axle. You will need an 90-93 integra inner joint and shaft and a 91 crx/civic outer joint. the joints have a different spacing on the axle, the integra is bigger and will lock up the hub plus the integra axle without the crx outer joint is about 1/2 in longer and you are going to get a bottoming between the shaft and the inner joint. I had that problem with my swap. I use to have aloud vibration and clicking when I turned left comming from the right side of the car. I got the custom build axle and it's gone. However, are you getting any type of oil discoloration from the trainny? Like a milky white appearance in the oil? I have that problem with my trainny, but cannot figure out what the hell is wrong, can any one help me?? If anything, what type of mount kit did you use to put the engine in? HASPORT has the best lineup for the B16/B18 in our 88-91 CRX/civic.
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switch out the oil for Honda MTF - see above...

never heard of axles beaking a diff especially when the engine is not force fed.

Have him tak the tranny to a transmissin shop and have them take a look and see EXACTLY what is breaking....


get another tranny an take that one to make sure its solid.
If you look inside the tranny the spider gears inside the diff are all broken. The rest of the tranny is fine but the diff is the thing that keeps on breaking. He did not take the spacers out of the hub knucle so that may have been the problem. We are using the 90-93 integra axles with the HASPORT kit. Whats wrong with Redline MTL?
spacers. that could have done it.

actually, everything ive ever heard about Redline has been positive.
i was told not to use redline specifically and to use honda mtf ive heard bad about redline
wining from the trany when driving. tranny locking up on my friend. full with fluid when it happend. after putting honda mtf to replce the redline in the first car it stopped wining. and ive heard others but this was from past experiences of friends
we went to the track with it one day and the next he was in philly an it just locked up after that we use mtf in both our cars
i broke my dif on my 89 prelude si serveral years ago. it turned out that when you do peg leg burn out it's very hard on the dif, specially when you have your wheels turn and only the inside wheel spin. i dont think the oil would effect the dif but it would effect the syncho.
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