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CRX-dx vs. VW Golf 2.0

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hehe, had my fun yesterday. some moron in a Golf
pulls up next to me at a light while I was on my way home from work. He got the jump, cause It didn't even cross my mind that he was lookin for a race. So I get into it and wasted em' was fun.
Then the guy proceeds to tail my ass, guess he couldn't take a loss like a man. Oh my DX is completely stock.
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how pathetic... you really get off on that shit? besides.. I doubt you really beat a golf anyway
if you did, you beat the driver. the guy maybe "got the jump" but I doubt he was even racing... like you I bet the thought never crossed his mind to race a completely stock DX CRX
PLEASE don't get me started....

GOLF .... well.... if you know any german:

"da ist nur EIN auto, und das ist NICHT ein golf"

(talking both stock)
the golf will get you in the first gear , because of more torque in the lower rpm's.... then my 1.6 hits 5500rpm ... by the time I go to 2nd gear, he's toast....

I mean... I can keep up with (or even beat) a VR6...
and then we're talking 1.6 VTEC against a 2.8 vr6...
a SIX cilinder... my god...

well... anybody notice the none-golf love :eek:

(except the mkI... like it... cool car...)
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wow, you people really are assholes, no wonder many people I know don't come here. I do have to say, I did waste the golf.
Why would I post it if I didn't. You've never had a day were you just had some fun and wanted to just get it out. So what I beat the driver who cares. I had fun
nuf said.
i beat a new modified turbo golf last weekend...that was fun. we were both showing off our blow off valves and then we gace eachother the peace sign:D
ok.. didn't mean to be so harsh, please don't tell mommy
I'm pissed at my car! LOL

well.. I dunno about you but I own a golf VR6 and it's faster than my friends 91 si. Then again.. it has 325 HP
yo crx-yem...

I said you probably DID beat him...

I'm anti-golf ;)

gotta read more careful ;)
ok, ok I guess I got to read the posts a little better myself.

ol'skoolrex_PH, I wasn't up against a VR6, it was just a 2.0ltr 16v golf

sorry for just goin off on you guys
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