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My friend Bobby has a 99 civic hatchback with a JDM integra Type R motor with AEM intake, DC sport Headers, and Greddy exhaust.

My brother just got his 91 crx SI, and swapped a GSR motor in it. Hes got AEM hybrid cold air intake, DC sport headers, and Greddy exhaust. Hes got a b16a ECU Spoon sport chipped. It remaps the fuel, and it delets the rev and mph limiter and sets his vtec to start at 4600 rpm. So he can rev up to 8200 rpm. And has a carbon fiber hood from VIS.

So the crx is lighter and has almost the same power. The hatchback has more power but more weight also. He also has LSD. He ran a 13.9 last time at the track. All motor. We will be going tot he track possibly on the 16th of april to see the quater mile time. My other friend has integra ls turbo with JDM front end conversion. Painted 350z Blue. and has new pistons and rods, phantom grip. hondata ECU aftermarket fuel regulator and 750 cc injecters. hes got a huge percision turbo. on the roll he can take pretty much anything around here. but on the line hes ntot o quick. he runs 13.2 at the track in 1/4 mile.

I just have a ls motor in my civic sedan and about to get pistons and rods then go turbo.

Anyone have any thoughts about who would win the CRX or the hatcback?
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