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CRX wiht new B16A Help

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Hey guys i am getting a 91 Crx wiht a new b18a motor in it. I want to know if i can use civic si or just regular civic parts for my new car and could i use like civic body kits. Thx and i hope i meet you on the track. Late
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not quite sure what you are asking..... body kits you need to order for your crx. civic and crx parts are the same for the most part. there are a few things that are different. be more specific
i more clear about what you mean....and are you getting a b16 or a b18? because you say both
Opps sorry my fault i meant i am getting a b16a motor in my crx i was talking to someone while i was posting this about the b18a but ya i am getting a b16a in my crx and i just wanna know cause i have some parts from the 91 honda civic and i want to know if i can put them on the b16a and i already found out about the body kits lol...anyways thx
you cant really use much from your original engine to use on your B16A the only part I can think of at the moment is the ignition moduel, throttle position sensor and possibily the alternator
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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