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Well my friend is having an Mr2 Meet on sunday at bunkland hill mall for Mr2 so i was wondering if any of you Accord V6 owner want to have a little meet that day with them?? There is going to be like 20 Mr2 there so i don't want to be the only AV6 there. Well if anyone wants to go let me know. My aim SN is pllceleron if you want to contact me
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who organized this? the NY/NJ IMOC has organized their meet for March 30 in New Jersey, I doubt there are 20 MR2's in all of Connecticut...:rolleyes: unless its those old men running arond in Mk3 Spyders...
Well my friend said most of the Mr2 that is coming is from NJ,NH,NY, and Mass... but i didn't want to do a real meet just if people have that sunday free and live near hartford and wanted to chill then we can have a little meet with the people from the Mr2 Broad.
I feel bad for the CT AV6'ers...there's never enough of you guys to justify having a meet up there...sorry..

anyway I will probly be at the NJ IMOC meet as well as a TL meet in North Jersey the week before that on the 24th. If you're interested in any of these send me a PM, and stay tuned for more info on the Park Avenue Acura Meet, that's the big one.

EDIT: Ahh i just checked out the IMOC board and I guess the New Englanders are meeting in Hartford...interesting..the two groups should get together and meet in like NYC for a big as disorganized these MR2 owners...
The guys are having a meet TOMORROW on Saturday the 9th. Check our for info (Northeast forum sticky)
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