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Cusco Catch Can

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I want a Cusco Catch Can and i was wondering whihc one i should get since they are vechicle specific. I have an 95 Acura INtegra and they dont make on for integras.They have ones for 88-91 civic and 92-00 Civics and Universale. Which would would be best for my car for proper mounting? Anybody have one with pcitures they can post? Thanks
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i just contacted Options Auto Salon and they said that they have a cusco oil catch can for a 95 teg for 112 bucks. but they don't have it in stock. they also have one made by Greddy but it is universal. i asked them if the 88-91 is the same and so forth, but they said it's different. i wanted to ask some more questions but the person on the other line seems to be in a hurry and hung up. weird.

i have a moroso oil catch can that i pieced together for my setup. mounting it is the hardest part. i'm still not sure where to mount it. right now it's just zip tied to where the abs is supposed to be (i don't have one).

do u have any other options besides the Cusco? there are more catch cans out there that share the same functions.
yeah there are more options but none of them seem to look as rad as the Cusco one :D . On Optautos site and a search on Google of many other sites that carry Cusco catch cans does not have one made for the Integra, only 88-91 cvic,crx and 92-00 civics,del sols.
yes. i checked too. it seems weird that those sites don't have that certain item for integras but have ones for our cousins (civics) -- which should be interchangeable. anyhoo, give Options a call. all u need to do is put in ur order and they can get u one for ur teg.

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