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As it says in the title. The encosure was built by Tweeter in Deptford which is in New Jersey. They do incredible work. It was in my car since May when I had my install done. The sub is in great shape and was very rarely pushed at all. The enclosure is made with MDF all around with 3/4 inch plexiglass on the front. There are two white neons in the box which you can see in the pics which lit it up nicely at night and the inside is painted silver. The sub is down firing and sounds incredible for one twelve. It is a beautiful enclosure. The last pic is of the enclosure when it was in the car. Pick up only for now due to size and the cost to ship but might consider shipping depending on the offer. I am located in southern New Jersey near Cherry Hill.

$350 picked up with sub
$250 picked up without sub
$450 shipped with sub
$350 shipped without sub

Here are the pics:

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