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Custom interior conversion

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Well, on a complete whim I decided that the full blue interior was just too much. My exterior is blue, by brakes are blue. I have blue engine bay stuff, the swaybars are blue, even the coilovers I'm getting are blue. And my interior has only TWO black components: the center consol trim (and leather shift boot and arm rest) And the steering wheel. Oh yeah, and the A-pillars too.

Heck, I almost bought ATE superblue brake fluid!

There is just too much blue. If I had a white soft top, I'd be driving a big Smurf!

SO, I started a multi-stage interior conversion using mostly OEM parts and modified OEM parts.

Stage one was to convert all plastic on the interior from blue to black and also install black door panels (partial)

Stage two involves quite a bit more money as I will have my blue seats reupholstered partially. The blue OEM bolstering will remain, however the seat inserts will be done in black perforated Alcantara.

Stage three involves replacing the dash completely with a black Alcantara dash with blue accent stitching, and the upper door cards are also reupholstered to match the sweeping nature of the dash.

Blue OE carpeting will remain.

I'm STILL debating if I want to do anything with the center consol leather.

Later on, I'll be accentuating the refinished interior with a Burtman Industries Carbon interior trim kit.

Stage three completed pics will be posted on page 4
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Stage one of the conversion is underway. I'm still missing a couple minor plastic components, but the result of just this minor change is hugely noticable in the car. I performed the swap of the roll bar hoops and various other plastic components. Not quite as good fitting as I had hoped, but close. I gotta take it all apart again anyway to replace the glove box. I can straighten it all out then.

I also swapped in black door panels. However, in the interest of keeping things looking clean during the conversion, I kept the blue top portions to match the sweeping dash, and installed the black leather inserts as the blue ones aren't ready yet.

But here are some pics of the project thus far:
(remember stage one is NOT fully completed!)

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Here are some other pics of the conversion:



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I like how you kept the top part of the door panels blue, keeps a sort of "flow" in your interior lol

nice job :btu
EDIT if you change your seats out, lemme know, ill buy em from ya :lol
^^ Thanks for the compliment!. But this project is far from over. I'm keeping the seats. The whole project is outlined in my first post. :) Eventually the blue dash and blue top door pieces will be black. And the black door inserts will be blue when that time comes.
hee hee i was hoping I could persuade you to part with those blue ones so you could buy black ones lol, I want s2k seats in my car very bad!!!

keep the updates coming dude
hee hee i was hoping I could persuade you to part with those blue ones so you could buy black ones lol, I want s2k seats in my car very bad!!!

keep the updates coming dude
Board Message

If you post there, you'll get all sorts of responses. You should be able to find a decent set for about $400.

But mine aren't for sale. ;)
Possibly found a dash to use. . . . and the rest of the needed panels.
Well, the dash I went to look at didn't pass muster. For now at least. May give it a second chance. But the rest of the plastics went over well. I got my full black glove box and my rear top trays black now, as well as the aft vents.

Had a really fun (that's sarcastic BTW ;) ) time pulling apart my interior again. Litterally had to pull every single panel aft of the forward kick panels in order to remove those side trays behind the roll bars. WOW is that tough. Spend all day on it, and then put it all back together all by myself.

. . .

Then just before I reinstalled the seats, I found out that the passenger side seatbelt was twisted around the roll bar. :banghead: And I had to take it ALL APART AGAIN in order to fix it. :banghead:

But I guess the experience paid off. With the "training" I got when I first took it apart, and the second time doing it alone, I was able to get the required panels off, problem fixed, and reassembled within two hours.

And my material samples came in. :D So now all I need is a black dash and some black '02-'03 door panels.

I already have black DPs, but I don't have the tweeters in the black ones. So I need an upgrade.

As a supplementary item, I am also seriously considering getting a custom LED gauge cluster lighting kit. Qube Engineering makes em, and they're pretty cool. Color combos made to order.
Qube Engineering - Qube's LED Dash for the Honda S2000 AP1

Even though I'm trying to de-smurf the car, I'll probably go with a pail blue gauge color (like an Ice blue) to go with a black/blue theme in the car that will eventually be the end result.
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Just finally got around to ordering my material.

The black perf is replacing the seat inserts, and the blue is going on the door panel inserts.

I really need a near perfect black dash, and near perfect black '03 door panels. I really really really really need that to finish the interior.

. . . and then I have all my blue crap that I need to sell.
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lookin good so far mane! that definitely is a blue overload, but I think a tasteful
combination of black and blue would look great. keep us updated on the progress :btu
Stage 2 has officially commenced! Should be done by the 20th of June. I have a big meet then, so I'll be sure to post pics when I get back. :D
That does look pretty awesome. I had a similar idea in mind (with blue accent stitching), however I thought the cost was too high to get it wrapped in real leather. I really really wish you had posted a link with those pics. I can't find the dash on GoTuning's website. I know some S2Ki people locally who have bought stuff from that place and have been very happy with the craftsmanship/quality.

While I like Alcantara, which is what I think that dash is wrapped in, I think that is too . . . . ,well, "pimped" for my taste. A true leather dash with accent stitching along the dash's character lines is what I had in mind, and then to carry on the accent stitching on the upper door panels. After rethinking the costs, I felt it would look only a little less cool and a whole lot cheaper if I just went with OEM replacement parts. But considering how I can't seem to find a dash in good enough shape (let alone other interior parts impeccably near perfect condition) I may go that route anyway. But before I drop several more thousands into the interior, I want my coilovers done. So the dash may not come until next year.

. . . I don't know. . . . we'll see what happens.

And if you have the link to that dash on Go Tuning's site, that'd be great!
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Wow, that thing JUST came out a couple days ago. I'll certainly look into it and PM GoTuning.
Stage 2 is completed! Seats are installed. Got them back about a week earlier than expected :D

The door panels won't be installed until I have the Stage 3 parts: Upper door panels and dash.

BTW, thanks, Integra XTR! I will be getting the black Alcantara dash and upper door panels in black with blue stitching for Stage 3. :number1

Here are the updated pics:

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The seats look awesome. I like it, now get that dash black.
Black Alcantara dash and upper door panels coming! :D
Black Alcantara dash and upper door panels coming! :D
Sweet, cant wait to see it all together.
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