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Custom interior conversion

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Well, on a complete whim I decided that the full blue interior was just too much. My exterior is blue, by brakes are blue. I have blue engine bay stuff, the swaybars are blue, even the coilovers I'm getting are blue. And my interior has only TWO black components: the center consol trim (and leather shift boot and arm rest) And the steering wheel. Oh yeah, and the A-pillars too.

Heck, I almost bought ATE superblue brake fluid!

There is just too much blue. If I had a white soft top, I'd be driving a big Smurf!

SO, I started a multi-stage interior conversion using mostly OEM parts and modified OEM parts.

Stage one was to convert all plastic on the interior from blue to black and also install black door panels (partial)

Stage two involves quite a bit more money as I will have my blue seats reupholstered partially. The blue OEM bolstering will remain, however the seat inserts will be done in black perforated Alcantara.

Stage three involves replacing the dash completely with a black Alcantara dash with blue accent stitching, and the upper door cards are also reupholstered to match the sweeping nature of the dash.

Blue OE carpeting will remain.

I'm STILL debating if I want to do anything with the center consol leather.

Later on, I'll be accentuating the refinished interior with a Burtman Industries Carbon interior trim kit.

Stage three completed pics will be posted on page 4
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nice work man!!! got me wanting a s2000 so bad right now. drove my first one, an ap2 at work last week. made me mad that the customer didnt take good care of it. it came in with bald tires all around, some parts store aftermarket brakes that squealed all the time, warped rotors, shredded serpentine belt, faded front bumper from the million of bugs all over it and a couple more careless things that pissed me off. she ended up just having me replace the belt and said she'll come back to do the rest. wanted to take the keys from her and say "you don't deserve this!" one day i'll have the funds to get one and make it my weekend warrior!
Most of the pics will be the same, but I kinda summerized the whole project, showing the various stages.

Here's a link to the S2ki thread:

S2KI - S2000 Forums -> "DeSmurfing" the Suzuka
seeing it from begininng to end in that s2ki forum really makes you see the whole picture
that whole blue interior is kinda ugly
but what you did looks like it should have came that way from the factory
maybe as expensive option
it looks awesome now:number1
^^^ good stuff man...i want that dash!
Thanks! I have to give you credit for showing it to me in the first place though. :D Otherwise I probably would have never known it existed until long after the project was done. So thanks for making me aware of that dash! :)
haha thanks, no problem!

i think for me, i might cut my dash for a lcd haha. crazyness!

61 - 68 of 68 Posts
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