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custom interior paint

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does anybody know how to paint or dye their interior by themselves? my friend took some vinyl paint and sprayed his whole other friend told me to dye it....anyone know what brand or type dye i should use?
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painting the interior............get some coloured paper and glue it on the dash with flower & water glue. If that doesnt work (i seriously doubt it will fail), colour it in with coloured pencils, or just get some sunglasses with colour tinted lenses.
tried it already on my exterior paint job...i'm now runnin polka-dot red and white....interior is different, i want something more!!
civic type r: Painting your interior is not worth the cash. My buddy just did his 93 Civic Si Coupes interior, and just reinstalling it for him it scratched in a bunch of spots. If your serious about a new interior have it redone properly, and because if your going to paint it, expect to have a paint brush handy to fix all the chips, and scratches.
i spray painted my interior silver. Just make sure you take your time and go over the pieces with light coats. Be careful not to let the paint run or else it'll come out crappy. After you finished go over the pieces again with a clear protective coat so the paint wont scratch or chip off later.
I agree with vtec98. Clean your pieces really good and let them dry for about 3min. Then go ahead and put some thin coats of your paint on. I used an interior/exterior paint for my car and it is rust proof. Let it dry for 3min between coats. Same goes for the clear coat part. When done let the pieces dry really good. Check out my web site below to see my silver painted trim pieces. Good luck on this.
mls said:
painting the interior............get some coloured paper and glue it on the dash with flower & water glue. If that doesnt work (i seriously doubt it will fail), colour it in with coloured pencils, or just get some sunglasses with colour tinted lenses.

here's my deal.

ok, i used folia tec interior vinyl spray. i got it through jc whitney. its expensive-like 18 bucks a can, and i also used the primer from the same people. they suggest you use a clear coat, but i didnt and it works great. just clean the pieces really good, sand them with i thnk i used 800 grit (really fine, anyhow) and use the primer, then just put one light coat and i mean light, then let it dry and put on another light coat, let it dry then go ahead and do one more coat to finish. it dries fairly quick and is very abrasion resistant. mine has not chipped, cracked or peeled, and i have had it on for a long time. i have two friends who each used something different. one friend has parents who do body and paint, so he got some interior stuff through them. its chipping pretty bad, but i dont think he sanded his stuff or used primer. my other friend used some stuff that was like 3 bucks a can, and its not working so great either, i guess. so just take your time. right now mine looks pretty gay, because all i have is blue, then the stuff that isnt painted is the stock gray color, and it looks all incomplete. im going to use black and then do some carbon fiber on all those spots, but thats a whole other story. hope this helped.
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Yea i kinda did what civic2000 did.......

I took all the pieces off that i wanted to paint..then i sanded them really good with some fine sandpaper. then i primered my pieces with a light coat let it dry primered one more time with a light coat..then i went over with my color the same way with the light coats or til it looked even..but just try not to go overboard b/c it will run..then after my paint coats dried..i went over it with some clear twice too.....i have had mine done like that for about 6 or 7 mths.....havent had any problems with them chipping or peeling looks good to me..alot of ppl that really dont know about hondas or whatever ask me all the time if it came like that....i said nope i did it myself.....they're like wow......i guess it look ok then....LOL wish i had my pics on here to show ya.....
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well guess what.....Got my pics.....heres what mine looks like....
and those parts where my vents move back and forth......i taped it off really good...and i left that black.....heres another pic.....
hey nice job. im wondering, my friend has a 5th gen. civic and is painting his interior. how did you get out the main piece (the part that has the vents in it and the gauge bezel?) he was having a lot of trouble.

here's some pics of mine, as well. i think this link should still work. now im not done yet, so dont make fun, but its in progress, so it will soon look awesome.

hopefully that works if not, tell me and i will get the right link.
no my civic is black, and dammit, i dont know why the link wont work. ill look it up when i get home. ill be there in a little bit, but probly wont get the pic up till tomoorwo.
damn civic 2000, ITS THE SMURFMOBILE!!!
GhostRider said:
damn importgirlie94 that's a nice ass job
my pics

Here, I got some pictures of my interior trim pieces painted. Tell me what you think about it so far. There is still some more pieces that need to be painted.

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don't paint over the VIN, if u get pulled over, cops will hastle you and try to say you stole it. it's a federal offense to paint over the VIN. Mask if off when you paint/dye your dash.
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