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custom or premade turbo kit?

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should i take the time and save some cash and custom fabricate a kit for my 00 f23? or should i just save the cash and go premade kits like f-max? im pretty confident i can go custom but the time involved of fabricating I/C piping and so on might be too much hassle than its worth. was thinking of buying manifold from used or reconditioned t3 or t3/t4. new intercooler etc. maybe be around $2000-2500 or go for fmax at 3000.
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id say just go with a premade kit,if there are any for ur year accord...otherwise custom...definitely gotta go turbo tho:D
custom brO...custom custom custom t78 is goin on mine
my vote

my vote is go fmax.. but if you got the knowledge and time, do whatever you think is best for you... if this is your only kar might not want to fuck it up tho...
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