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Hey guys,

I've been hunting around for a Intercooled turbo charger kit, and found it costs about $14,000 local currency ($7500 USD, roughly), plus extra for installation. That was a bit steep for me, so I looked at making a custom kit. That was only going to be $10K, fully installed ($5400 USD) or a saving of roughly 35%. That's right on the edge of what I want to spend.

I had a look at Super Charger kits, and the Vortech one is $11,000 here, ($5940USD, or mail ordered directly from Vortech, $4750USD).

I'm actually thinking that if I can get the same level of "discount" by piecing a supercharger together myself as I got with the turbo charger , that would bring the price down to about $3800USD, which leaves me lots of budget to do other mods to the car to get it going faster.

The only thing is, I know less about Superchargers than I know about turbo chargers. Can someone post me a list of what I need? You don't need to include incidental things such as upsized injectors, fuel pumps and computer.

The other thing is, I'm thinking of getting a Spoon header, now that I've ruled out the Turbo Charger option. Is that compatible with a Super Charger? As I understand, you don't need to replace the headers with a Super Charger.

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