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CV joint half shaft or axles?

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After I driver for short period my car starts clicking on the right side and when I accelerate the car clicks even louder, pulles to the right and shakes; it also makes the noise when I turn. I am not sure what the bar with the joint in it next to my axle that steers the car, but I shoved some greese in that joint because I suspected it was getting hot. It didn't seem to make a difference. My boots are in decent shape. :(
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wheel bearing?

axles usually only click when you turn the wheel, and they dont cause pulling. and the boot is usually visually damaged.

lift the car up so the suspect wheel is off the ground, and try shaking it and see if there is any play.

hope this helps.
I lifted the car up and shook the wheel for play. It had about 1/4 CM of play. I checked the other wheel and it was the same. Is this normal?
I noticed where the sway bar conects to the power steering there was a bushing that is worn through causing alot of play in this area. Could this be my problem?
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