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set of two Inconal header collectors 4 (2.25" primaries) into 1 2.5" collector with 3" marmon clamp, quality is amazing merges are perfect, would be great for a custom turbo or supercharger header, look to be slightly used, these new are over 400 bucks!!! i was hoping for 150 each (pm for pics)
Rods could fit either an f23 or d17 with some work to the crank(widening and reducing journals)
Bore center to center:5.5 inches unfinished
Small end bore (pin): .900" unfinished , oil hole drilled
Small end width :.800"
Big end bore (crank) : 1.85 inches unfinished
Big end width (crank) : .825 "
190 shipped, (PM for pics)
Also have brand new in package Cwest kit for 99-00 civic hatch THIS IS THE REAL DEAL NO KNOCKOFF!! 500 plus shipping

Dc2 fiberglass hood, painted silver,inverted vent with steel gray insert, super light, unknown brand 150 plus shipping

98 b18b1 head 60k, no valve cover or intake manifold but complete, will even include the various mounts and such removed from the block, 100 plus shipping

Also various rubber oem floor mats, ranging from a 05 odyssey,pilot, cr-v, etc

15x6.5 steel gray rota slips w/ sumatumo htr's a little tread left, zenki lugs and valve stems 375 plus shipping

97 civic ex complete door, slightly damaged corner, complete with glass and power accessories make offer
also passenger fender, headlight, grill

I am at school right now, no access to camera or all parts so pics will be up shortly
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