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d series turbo project electronic monitoring

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iam the most confused person when it comes to what engine i want.......
latest thought is turbo d series but i want to monitor it all but i dont want guages.. so is there any electronic bost guages /tachs ect... i know its a retarded question but iam just looking for a little help and reasurance to get my a&& in gear and stop planing and start doing
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any one?

anyone ???
thanks for all the replys its been very helpfull thanks
how about hiding the gauges in the glove-box? ever think of that?
A'PEXi or make your own
first thought

i thought about that but i would still like digital readouts thanks
then go with A'PEXi
Here are some digital gauges man,

venom has some nice digital gauges
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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