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so im looking at a d16y8 stock engine which is a p2p obd2-b ecu? is it possible to use a stock d16z6 p28 obd1 ecu to run the engine? it has looms and jumper harness also could I put a d15 gearbox onto the y8

im also looking at a turbo kit on ebay for d15 engines....its one of those cheap bolt ons.....just looking for some cheap hp....would I run into problems using the z6 ecu?... also what sort of hp boost from them?? anyone any experience with these??

its my first Honda so go easy on me if I said something stupid :confused

by the way the combined engine is hopefully going into a 89 d15 dualcarb crx

im looking for the easiest swap as its my first Honda this one of the easier ones??:bash
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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