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I am sure that you lot get this question on here a lot and I apologize in advance for this....I have surfed through a few threads and I see a lot of swapping parts and building Frankenstein engines (personal opinion). And I am trying to avoid that all with that being said, here goes.

I have a 92 Civic Del Sol that I am wanting to play around with. It has a D16y8 with a 5 speed. I am planning on pulling the engine and doing a full rebuild with some mods. Reason for the rebuild is because it has 175k on the engine.

Let me state that this is my first Honda engine build so I am learning.

I want to make it more fun to drive, I will be installing a turbo and I am only shooting for 350. What all would be some good things to look at on these engines to make them more reliable under boost?

I am stripping down to the block completely to check the pistons, rods, and the crank. Then building back up. So any insight and information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, I apologize because I bet this question gets asked a lot and I don't want to Frankenstein.

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