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D16A1 - Worth it?

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I can buy a D16A1 for about 60 bucks from my local pick and pull. It will be coming from an 87 teg. The question I have is would it do me any good to have this motor? Can i put a ZC head on it and such? Or can i use stuff from the inside like the crank and rods for my a6 or z6. I dont know much about this motor because I havent researched it but i need some help fast because it wont last long in the pick and pull.

Oh yeah....what about the shift linkage or any other parts that would be of use from the teg.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, - Lil Steve
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Its a decent engine and I know peoples who do use it, it is rather comparable to the ZC however it has about 10 less ponies.
Actually base horespower for the D16A1 engine is 113, where the D16A3 out of the 88-89 Integra is 118. The D16A1 has a vacuum advance type distributor and the D16A3 is controlled by the ECU. You don't want to put this motor in the 2nd gen crx as it won't fit. Mounts are different and the oil pan in too deep for ground clearance. This motor however will fit in the first gen crx very well. As for internal parts, yes, the rods and pistons cna be swapped over to other D motors. I know a lot about this motor as I have one in my Integra, and I have done all kind of research on it to try to get more horespower out of it. Though it is of the same family as the ZC, it is not the same motor. The ZC was made in Japan, where the D16A1/3 was made here in the US. This is why they share some parts, but are not the same motor. Hope this helps....:cool:
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Thanks for the info.

I have an extra A6 in my shop that has a bad crank, rods, pistons, and oil pump so i will proabably just get the whole rotating assembly out of the A1.
If you have an extra $1700 - 1800 go for the B16, well worth the cost.

"Look on 5.0's face when CRX smokes it - priceless" :)
by using the crank and stuff out of the d16a1 you end up with a stronger bottom end.
The D16A1 is the same as a ZC, except cams and some more little things, but it won't bolt into a 2nd Gen CRX.
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