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Okay so i've recently swapped a d16y8 into my 93 del sol si (d16z6 was the original motor) and ive been having nothing but problems UGH! Well most of them are sort out now, i've come across one i really need help with. When i first got the motor running, i had an idling problem but it drove perfect. Motor felt very responsive and full of life. Now 2 weeks later when i floor it, it struggles to even hit 6k rpms and sometimes it will only go up to 5 and wont go past and takes a long time to get there. Heres the knee slapper, my d16z6 was doing the same thing but i assumed it was just tired having almost 300,000 miles on it. I have no cel and seeing its obd1 i cant get the live data that i'd love so much to get right now. I do not feel a misfire, it'll just feel very very sluggish and almost pick up no speed. It drives fine when i drive it normal.

If anyone has any suggestions at all I would appreciate all the help i can get. This car has been such a pain in the ass.:( THANKS!
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